Firebird Database Server

You may install this free database software on your server to allow multiple users to connect to a shared database simultaneously. This server component may be used with:

  • Vehicle Manager Fleet Edition with Network Support
  • Asset Manager Enterprise Edition
  • Training Manager Enterprise Edition

This installation program includes Firebird database server version 2.1.7 and a sample database. This server program is compatible with the current versions of our products.

Firebird database server (v2.1.7) 32 bit BEGIN DOWNLOAD
Firebird database server (v2.1.7) 64 bit BEGIN DOWNLOAD


  • Download and install the database server software on your Windows server.
  • Connect to the server from the client software using the menu option Tools > Database connection (available in the multiple user network edition).

See this link for older versions of Firebird Server.

Also see: Firebird Version Compatibility