Firebird Database Update (to version 2.1.3)

Created:    February 10, 2010
Updated:    February 25, 2014

Asset Manager, Training Manager, and Vehicle Manager have been updated to use Firebird Database version 2.1.3. Please read and understand this document completely if you are planning to update your software.

If you are using a "Standard" or "Single User" edition, all necessary software updates will be performed when you update your software to the current version - no additional steps are required.

If you are using an "Enterprise" or "Network" edition and you are connected to an older database server (prior to February 2010), there are two components to update: the client software installed on your PC, and the Firebird Database software installed on your server.

*The 2014 client software can no longer connect to a Firebird 1.5.5 database. The current versions require Firebird v2.1.3.
*If you installed the database server after February 2010, you likely already have the Firebird update (v2.1.3), and no changes are required.

To summarize:

The table below contains the recommended and required Firebird version based on the client software version:

  Asset Manager Training Manager Vehicle Manager
Firebird v1.5.5  v1.0.1077 and below v1.0.1105 and below v2.0.1094 and below
Firebird v2.1.3 (recommended) v1.0.1078 to v.1.0.1158 v1.0.1106 to v1.0.1195 v2.0.1095 and above
Firebird v2.1.3 (*required*)  v.1.0.1159 and above v1.0.1196 and above v2.0.1154 and above

You can find your client software version by opening the menu item Help --> About.

The current versions of the client software also include an option to look up the Firebird Server version in the Database Connection window using the menu option Tools --> Database Connection. Alternatively, you may look up the version in the file properties of any of the .exe files in the Firebird bin directory to determine the server version.

Update Instructions:

Note: The steps below are only required if your server is currently running Firebird Version 1.5.5.
Backup the database before any system changes.

  1. Important: Before making any changes, make a current backup of the database using the menu item File --> Backup. The backup file may be needed if the original database files get overwritten. Be sure that you are connected to the database that you want to backup, and be sure to store the backup file in a safe place.
  2. Next, make sure all users have disconnected from the database. They should have the software closed and leave it closed until the Firebird server update has been completed.
  3. On your server, open the Services applet in the Administrative Tools section of the Windows Control panel, and stop both Firebird Services listed there.
  4. Locate your Firebird directory (typically C:\Program Files\Firebird), and make a copy of the aliases.conf file. This file contains a pointer to the location of the raw data files to help you locate them later in the event of any problems with the Firebird upgrade. Store this copy in a safe location outside of the installation directory. As an extra measure of protection, it is recommended to make a backup of the raw database files in case there are any problems with the backup file. Store a copy of the raw database files in another location outside of the C:\KZSoftware folder. The default location of the raw database files is at C:\KZSoftware. You can confirm the location of these files by opening the aliases.conf file in notepad and checking the file path listed for your database.
  5. Uninstall the current version of Firebird using the Windows --> Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs feature.
  6. Download and install the KZFirebirdServer.exe package for Firebird v2.1.3 on your server.
  7. After the installation finishes, Refresh the list of Services in the services applet, and you should now find one Firebird Service running instead of the two Firebird services which were previously running.
  8. If your aliases.conf file was previously customized to use a non-default location for the database files, replace the aliases.conf file in the Firebird installation directory with the original aliases.conf file saved in Step 4.
  9. At this point, you may update the client software to the current version if you haven't already. You can download it from our website.
  10. Open the client software, go to the menu item Tools --> Database Connection, and click the button to "Check Firebird Version". Confirm that the version is 2.1.3.
  11. You may need to restart your server in order to connect to the database after the update. If you cannot login, use the default login name, "admin", and password, "admin" (both lower case). If you are connected to the sample database after the upgrade, restore your original database using the menu option File --> Restore, and select the backup file created in Step 1.
  12. Test the system to confirm correct operation.
  13. You are now finished, and you may clean up the backup files made in Step 1 and Step 4, and update your system documentation as needed.